Jun 18, 2011


When you loose someone close to you
You cant explain the way you feel,
The way you could just all hang out and never get bored
Just the way you could all be friends and never fight

You never got to say your last goodbye to your good mate

But always remember he is above us all
Telling us not to grieve and to get on with life
And live life like he would have
With passion and pride
And live it up for your mate because he cant anymore

But now he is watching from above.

You would always back each other up

Everywhere you go you look lonely
Now I see how much loosing someone means
I am so sorry I know I cant take your pain away

When you loose someone remember

All the good times
And not the bad ones
Because that is what matters the most

You make mistakes in life

But look-so does everyone else
So dont look at all the mistakes you made
Look at the ones you made together and how much fun you had